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Helen Mirren’s latest flick ‘Love Ranch’ has bombed at the US box office. The Oscar winner actress played a brothel madam in the film, which was directed by her husband Taylor Hackford. It took a paltry 90,000 pounds in ticket sales in its first month. Now UK cinema audiences are unlikely to see the film, [...] Continue reading Helen Mirren’s latest film becomes her biggest flop

Supermodel Kate Moss has taken up a new hobby – making jam out of damson plums. Moss, 36, is so hooked to the process that she spends time at her country estate in the Cotswolds churning it out, and she even hopes to launch her own label. She has also asked her billionaire retailer friend [...] Continue reading Kate Moss’ latest hobby – making jam!

French First Lady Begins Latest Allen Flick

France’s first lady, a former supermodel turned songstress, is making her debut as an actress, filming this week in Woody Allen’s “Midnight in … Continue reading French First Lady Begins Latest Allen Flick

R&B singer Joss Stone is the latest Bond girl, but only for the video gamers. A digital version of the songstress will star Stone as Nicole Hunter in the new video game ‘James Bond 007: Blood Stone.’ However, the Brit Award-winning artist admitted that she was not quite the archetypal Bond girl, saying she played [...] Continue reading Joss Stone is latest Bond girl, but for video-gamers

Lawrence becomes latest celebrity newlywed

Comedian Martin Lawrence married his longtime girlfriend in a low-key ceremony at his Beverly Hills home.. . The Big Momma’s House star, 45 … Continue reading Lawrence becomes latest celebrity newlywed