Demi Moore Miley Cyrus On Set Of “Laughing Out Loud (LOL)”

Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus are in Detroit this week, where the gals are filming scenes from the forthcoming comedy-drama Laughing Out Loud (LOL).“In the moment!” Mrs. Kutcher said Tweeting a frame from the set on Wednesday. The movie will be an American adaptation of a 2008 French coming of age film, about a 15-year-old

Susan Boyle wants to leave mourners laughing at her funeral

Susan Boyle is toying with the idea of leaving mourners smiling when she goes to the grave – the Scottish singing sensation says she could have novelty tune Nellie The Elephant as one of her farewell songs.
“You”ve got to leave them laughing. It would have to be Nellie The Elephant. She packed her trunk and