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Sheen plans £200 million lawsuit

CHARLIE SHEEN is reportedly planning to sue TV bosses for a massive £200 million over the axing of TWO AND A HALF MEN.. . The party-loving star’s … Continue reading Sheen plans £200 million lawsuit

Who knew dragging Perez Hilton around on a leash could get a girl into so much trouble?! Rihanna’s raunchy video promo for the chart fizzler “S&M” is still getting the flame-haired pop tart into hot water nearly a month after it first made a splash on the Interwebs. After being censored on YouTube and banned [...] Continue reading David LaChapelle Rihanna Lawsuit: Photographer Suing Pop Star Over “S&M” VIDEO

The next time Courtney Love wants to seal a deal with roses, she may want to consider just sending a card instead! My Secret Garden Florist in Los Angeles has slapped the Grunge Goddess with a $4,000 lawsuit for arrangements they claim the cash-strapped star ordered in 2009 and never paid for. Shop owners filed [...] Continue reading Courtney Love Slapped With $4K Lawsuit For Two-Year Floral Bill

Only in America. Meet Cathy Cruz Marrero, the web’s newest viral sensation. Marrero amassed over 2 million views on the Interwebs this week after a video of her falling into a mall fountain erupted to the resounding sound of chuckles all over YouTube. But nobody at the mall is laughing now. You see, the leading [...] Continue reading Woman Who Fell In Fountain While Texting Eyeing Lawsuit

Kardashian Debit Card $75 Million Lawsuit

The now-defunct Kardashian Kard is long gone, but the ghost of one of the few business deals to fall through for sisters Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian has come back to haunt the publicity-happy trio. On Friday, the socialite/reality stars were hit with a $75 million lawsuit for allegedly breaking their contract with the company [...] Continue reading Kardashian Debit Card $75 Million Lawsuit