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Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s father Joe has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the star’s doctor. In his complaint, Joe, who is seeking damages of more than 75,000 dollars, alleges that Dr Conrad Murray was negligent in administering his son with the anaesthetic propofol and other drugs, the BBC reported. He also accused […] Continue reading MJ’s dad files wrongful death lawsuit against son’s doc

It has been reported that an interesting meeting took place on Friday: Marion “Suge” Knight and Kanye West decided to discuss the details of the party held in 2005. West was the host of that party during which someone shot Knigh’s leg. Moreover, Knight is sure that someone of the guests stole his earring with […] Continue reading Suge Knight and Kanye West Find Out the Truth Concerning 2005 Lawsuit

Enraged at being sued by her ex business partners and managers, Eva Longoria has decided to sue them back.
The sacked managers, Ronen and Mali Nachum, had alleged in their lawsuit against her that that they were forced out of the eatery because of the conduct of her and other partners.
“All allegations against Longoria Parker… and […] Continue reading Eva Longoria countersuing fired managers

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has been slapped with a lawsuit by two former business partners, who accuse the star of forcing them out of their jobs.
Ronen and Mali Nachum are suing Longoria and her Las Vegas restaurant and club associate Jonas Lowrance, alleging that the pair terrorised them into giving up their ownership stake […] Continue reading Eva Longoria lands in legal trouble over Vegas restaurant

Final Fantasy XIII has been slapped with a lawsuit. Its makers Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment were accused of freezing and at times destroying the PlayStation 3 consoles.
Plaintiff for the case is Daniel Wolf from Sand Diego, who has said that the game had caused severe and widespread damage after it was […] Continue reading Final Fantasy faces charges for stopping PlayStation