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Revolution is a J.J. Abrams-produced show, which typically means all talent involved stay tight-lipped about what happens next, but creator Eric Kripke has actually been rather open about the fate of Charlie, Danny, Miles, et al. During a conference call with journalists on Thursday, Kripke was rather forthcoming about what we can expect to happen next on the… Continue reading ‘Revolution’ showrunner reveals when we’ll learn the cause of the blackout, why he killed off [SPOILER], and more

Learn What Box Office Records ‘The Hunger Games’ Has Already Broken

The Hunger Games was already predestined to be a box office success thanks to its existing and rather rabid fanbase, but it wasn’t until early reviews started trickling out that people started predicting it would be a legitimate box office smash. Sure enough, buzz kept building and building, and so here we are on opening day and the Gary Ross-directed film is already carving notches onto its… Continue reading Learn What Box Office Records 'The Hunger Games' Has Already Broken

Guess all those sci-fi thrillers in which people could tap into the movies unspooling in other people’s heads — think ‘Brainstorm,’ ‘Dreamscape,’ ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Total Recall,’ ‘The Cell’ and ‘Inception’ — weren’t all that far-fetched. Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley have figured out how to reconstruct the movies people see in their minds.

In a new study published in the journal Current Biology, the researchers recount how they… Continue reading Scientists Learn to Make Movies From Images...

This Saturday, the new season of cult British sci-fi show Doctor Who debuts on BBC America. The premiere is the first half of a two-part story in which the titular time lord (Matt Smith) travels back to 1969 America and battles an alien menace known as The Silence, with help from Richard Nixon. As a

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mallika sherawatShe enjoys typical Bollywood dancing, but now “Maiyya maiyya” girl Mallika Sherawat is keen to learn lavani, a popular folk dance of Maharashtra. “I’m not a trained dancer, but I enjoy dancing. My favourite dance is Bollywood dance, but now I want to learn lavani. I’m not getting a teacher, but as soon as I […] Continue reading Mallika now wants to learn lavani