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The sinking ship that is CNN is at the center another humiliating debacle. The network has apologized after it broadcast the N-word during a tory about a 103-year-old Black woman who still gets behind the wheel to get around her Pennsylvania hometown. And you thought the time they fell for the 140-year-old hot dog hoax was embarrassing!For [...] Continue reading CNN N-Word Gaffe Leaves Ratings-Challenged Network Redfaced

Cocoa Pebbles has gotten itself into a pickle after allegedly using Hulk Hogan’s likeness without permission in its “Cocoa Smashdown” commercial, which premiered earlier this year. The wrestling legend has filed suit against Post Foods, the makers of the cereal, because he believes the company patterned their animated character Hulk Boulder — a muscle-bound fighter [...] Continue reading Cocoa Pebbles Commercial Leaves Hulk Hogan Suing Mad

Those who can’t sing…talk! Not only is College Humor’s “Sing Talk” video a brilliant parody of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok,” it’s a wonderful demonstration of how Autotune is single-handedly destroying the music industry! Continue reading Ke$ha Parody “Sing Talk” Leaves The Web In Stitches

Circumnavigating Indian vessel leaves South Africa for Mumbai

The Indian Naval Sailing Vessel, Mhadei, currently on a solo circumnavigation of the globe, started on its last leg for home from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa Tuesday, a defence spokesperson said here Wednesday.
Commander Dilip Donde was seen off by a large number of well-wishers and members of the local Indian community [...] Continue reading Circumnavigating Indian vessel leaves South Africa for Mumbai

‘Leaves of Grass’

GK1247 260x195 Leaves of Grass

Ed Norton, TIM BLake Nelson, Ed Norton, SUSAN SARANDON, Richard Dreyfuss, Keri Russell, Star In 'Leaves of Grass'

Release date April 2nd 2010

'Leaves of Grass' is filled with Humor, Intelligent Dialogue, great acting that depicts a dysfunctional but loving small town country family. A movie about life choices, consequences, and brotherly love. Oh, and a hydroponic setup that will make any grower envied out.

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