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Jane Levy, Bruce Campbell Talk Evil Dead Remake

February 18, 2012

Very soon, filming will commence on Evil Dead, Fede Alvarez’s remake of the Sam Raimi film starring Bruce Campbell. Recently, the redo – which saw Diablo Cody coming in to make a few revisions to the script – faced a bit of a casting switcheroo.

Lily Collins (Mirror Mirror, Priest) dropped out and Jane Levy (pictured) stepped in.

The Insider spoke

October 14, 2011

Shawn Levy is attached to direct a project called The Three Misfortunes of Geppetto, Deadline reports.

The story, from screenwriter/playwright Michael Vukadinovich, is a prequel to the classic fairy tale “Pinocchio” and tells of the life and love of the puppet-turned-boy’s creator.

Though Levy is said to be attached, he recently admitted to ComingSoon.net that anything with his name on it as


Silas Lesnick

September 24, 2011

With his Real Steel hitting theaters in two weeks, director Shawn Levy spoke with ComingSoon.net about that film at today’s press junket in Los Angeles. We’ll have the full video interviews up soon, but Levy also offered an update on two major genre projects, both of which he says are still likely.

“According to the internet, I’m

Tuesday morning’s DreamWorks presentation ended with a behind-the-scenes sizzle reel for Shawn Levy’s Real Steel , starring Hugh Jackman. Narrated by Levy and Jackman, the clip gave an overview of the story, based on Richard (“I Am Legend”) Matheson’s novel about a dystopian future where people get their entertainment from watching large robots boxing in the ring and introduced roughly a half-dozen robots in the movie who either fight… Continue reading CinemaCon Exclusive: Shawn Levy & Hugh Jackman on Real Steel

Before there was Natalee Holloway, there was Chandra Levy. It’s been nearly a decade since America became captivated by the disappearance of the curly-haired Capital Hill intern. TLC is planning a made-for-TV movie based on the events surrounding Levy’s murder, The New York Post said Monday. The film will the cable network in May and […] Continue reading TLC Chandra Levy Movie