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Since Arnold Schwarzenegger left public office, he’s mentioned a few movie projects that he might be interested, but there’s been no mention of True Lies 2 .

When asked previously what scripts he was considering as his comeback film, he said, “Well, first of all it’s more [like] 15 films, obvious ones from ‘The Terminator’ to remakes of ‘Predator’ and ‘The Running Man’ and all of those things.”

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Kristen Bell is returning to TV: The former Veronica Mars star has signed on to star in the upcoming Showtime pilot House of Lies. The project stars Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle as Marty, a ruthless management consultant and Bell as Jeannie, an intelligent Brown graduate who ends up falling for him. Ben Schwartz, Josh Lawson, […] Continue reading Kristen Bell Cast In Showtime Pilot “House Of Lies”

‘Avatar’ director James Cameron is all set to turn Arnold Schwarzenegger action-comedy ‘True Lies’ into a TV series. The 1994 movie dealt with a story of a family man, played by Arnold, who lives double life as a secret agent. At the time of its release, it was the most expensive movie ever made, as […] Continue reading James Cameron ‘turning ‘True Lies’ into TV series’

Director Joseph Kahn asked for raw emotion out of his two stars, Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan, and he got what he asked for.. “I’m asking them to … Continue reading Megan Fox Turned Up Heat in 'Lies' Video: Director