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Nicole Richie: Winter Kate is a Lifestyle BrandCourtesy Ocean Drive

Few still consider Nicole Richie an ex-reality star. Her notoriety, instead, comes from being a doting mother, an unexpected fashion icon and most recently, an exacting fashion executive.

“This has been in my head for a very long time,” she tells Ocean Drive on being the creative force behind an empire of fashion brands. “With… Continue reading Nicole Richie: Winter Kate is a Lifestyle Brand

Kick-starts their fashion and lifestyle endeavour with the launch of New York based cosmetic giant Kiehl’s in Mumbai

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | January 18, 2012

KWAN Entertainment and Marketing Pvt. Ltd marked the onset of their Fashion and Lifestyle division with one of the finest “do’s” in entertainment, fashion and lifestyle – the launch of New York based cosmetic… Continue reading KWAN launches their Fashion and Lifestyle division

Terry Crews’ godly body has been everywhere from the NFL field to the movie screen and Old Spice ads.   
The 42-year-old actor opens up in the June issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine about his rags-to-riches success story, his brief period of b… Continue reading Terry Crews Tells All -- And Shows Off His Amazing 6-Pack!

round-the-clock lifestyleOur modern, round-the-clock lifestyle seems to derail metabolism, learning and behaviour in ways that we’re just beginning to understand. Researchers led by Ilia Karatsoreos, postdoctoral scholar in Hatch Lab of Neuroendocrinology, Rockefeller University, housed mice for 10 weeks in 20-hour light-dark cycles at odds with their natural 24-hour circadian cycle. They found that after six […] Continue reading Round-the-clock lifestyle affects metabolism, behaviour

old ageNew research shows that how you live your life and not your genes determine how long you live. Those who did not smoke, consumed moderate amounts of coffee, were economically well off by 50 and also had low cholesterol had the greatest chance of celebrating their 90th birthday, according to a study in Sweden’s University […] Continue reading Change your lifestyle to live to a ripe old age