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Supermodel Heidi Klum is apparently set to host an unscripted TV series on Lifetime, featuring funny insights from children. Deadline reports that the 37-year-old German-American beauty will host and executive produce “Seriously Funny Kids,” in which she will interact “with children, bringing out the hilarious and often insightful things they say,” according to a Lifetime […] Continue reading Heidi Klum ‘to host unscripted kids show on Lifetime’

It’s like Kids Say the Darndest Things — only more stylish! Supermodel mom Heidi Klum has been tipped to host Seriously Funny Kids, a new Lifetime Original Series co-starring a team of pint-sized side-splitters. The unscripted series will see the former Victoria’s Secret Angel “interacting with children and bringing out the hilarious and often insightful […] Continue reading Heidi Klum To Host “Seriously Funny Kids” On Lifetime

Lifetime is fist-pumping its way to gonorrhea and Gomorrah after picking up 12 episodes of a new Jersey Shore-esque docu-series focusing on the vibrant Russian-American community living in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn, the network has announced. Whispers that a Jersey Shore-inspired series would be transplanted to Coney Island first surfaced last April. Brighton […] Continue reading “Jersey Shore” Russian Spinoff “Brighton Beach” Picked Up By Lifetime

Lifetime TV has ordered eight one-hour episodes of the UK reality series The Fairy Jobmother.The Fairy Jobmother will feature international career specialist Hayley Taylor as she attempts to support long-term unemployed families into work, the network said in a statement this week. “With one of the most challenging economies in U.S. history, Lifetime Television brings relief […] Continue reading Lifetime “Fairy Jobmother” Remake Premieres Oct. 28

Dimiutive star Hayden Panettiere has landed the lead role in a Lifetime Made-for-TV movie about Amanda Knox, an American exchange student convicted in the stabbing death of her British-born roommate.Knox, a promising student from Washington State, attracted international headlines after she, her former boyfriend, and a third man were tried and convicted of murdering British […] Continue reading Hayden Panettiere Amanda Knox Lifetime Movie