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Equator: Battle for the Light [Blu-ray]

The Equator series is an epic production, capturing every detail in high definition, that takes viewers on a 40,000-kilometer odyssey chasing the sun to some of the most extreme and diverse locations on the planet. The equator is not only the line that divides the Earth in two–it’s also… Continue reading Equator: Battle for the Light [Blu-ray]

Dark Sky Films dropped a little late-day news on us with the announcement of Hatchet 3 , based on the success of Hatchet 2 ‘s VOD and DVD release.

At this time, cast and crew details (including director) are being worked out.

Hatchet creator Adam Green, however, reiterates: “We already had a possible storyline for ‘Hatchet 3′ worked out before we began shooting ‘Hatchet 2,’ so my cast, crew and I… Continue reading Dark Sky Gives Hatchet 3 the Green Light

Review in a Hurry: If director Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine 3D) paid as much attention to every other element of his movie as he does to the 3-D, he could be really good. As is, he’s… Continue reading Movie Review: Drive Angry 3D Goes Light on Plot, and That's a Good Thing

It wasn’t the bright lights of the Strip attracting celebrities Saturday night; it was the Christmas lights just a few miles away.Some celebrities and about 200 others were on hand to open Opportunity Continue reading Light fests usher in a season of holidays

The Annual ”Star Wars” Convention in Orlando sure was a stellar event this year, with would-be Lukes and Princess Leias looking for love through speed dating. 34 Jedi knights stood up and moved to the next chair to strike up a three-minute conversation with their prospective Princess Leias, as DJ MADKID sets the mood by […] Continue reading Now, speed-date at the speed of light – Star Wars style