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anewhope Trivia: The Word Lightsaber Is Only Used Once in the Original Star Wars

We’ve seen a lot of fan-made Star Wars videos in our time, but this one has got to win an award for being–we want to say ambitious, but really it’s just kind of insane. In the following 43-minute video, Tom Murphy VII took all the English words spoken in the first Star Wars movie, then sorted them alphabetically and counted how many times each… Continue reading Trivia: The Word "Lightsaber" Is Only Used Once in the Original 'Star Wars'

Producers of a laser device, which is being touted as another lightsaber, have brushed away claims from the makers of ”Star Wars” to cease production. Star Wars maker Lucasfilm has said that the Spyder III Pro Arctic laser has spoiled the reputation of lightsabers. Wicked Lasers began selling the Arctic Pro Spyder III laser online [...] Continue reading Creators of lightsaber say device no ”Star Wars” clone

Star Wars creator George Lucas has lashed out at a company making a high-powered laser that bloggers around the world have dubbed “a real-life lightsaber”. Lucasfilm is threatening legal action against Shanghai-based Wicked Lasers for producing the Spyder III Pro Arctic Laser. In a cease-and-desist letter, obtained by CNN, Lucasfilm argued that the Pro Arctic [...] Continue reading Star Wars creator lashes out at ‘real-life lightsaber’ manufacturers