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Are you jonesing to watch Magic Mike XXL? Is this going to go down as one of the highlights of your summer? Have you added the word “Magic” to the beginning of every “Mike” that you know just because it feels like the right thing to do?

If you answered “Hells yes!” to any of those questions, then this is all you.… Continue reading Watch: What 'Magic Mike XXL' Looks Like As an X-rated '70s Movie

Parker?… Parker?… Parker?…

You’re going to want to get out your guide to 1980s movie quotes for the comments on this post, as Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has offered an interesting update on the next Spider-Man movie, which he’s co-producing with/for Sony as part of the superhero’s crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.

Talking to Birth Movies Death during… Continue reading The Next Spider-Man Reboot Will Be Like a John Hughes Movie

There was a time when the very idea of laser weapons seemed like pure science fiction. That’s no longer the case, however. It’s 2015 and the future is now. Intergalactic smugglers may not be carrying them on their hips just yet, but laser weapons are a very real thing. There’s one problem with them, though, and apparently the key to solving it lays… Continue reading Why The U.S. Military Is Making Real Laser Weapons Sound Like 'Star Wars' Blasters

We’re liking this trend where Hollywood is delivering a new space epic every fall. Just in the last three years we had Gravity, Interstellar and now Ridley Scott’s The Martian, based on the super-nerdy book about an astronaut (Matt Damon) who becomes stranded on Mars after his crew leaves believing he’s already dead.

The film hits theaters on November 25, and here’s

What would you do if you were a father whose daughter was infected with a virus that was slowly turning her into a flesh-eating zombie? In Maggie, Arnold Schwarzenegger trades his action-movie bravado for a quieter, more emotional role as a dad who’s just trying to protect his sick daughter (Abigail Breslin) from those looking to do her harm. 

The film, which… Continue reading 'Maggie' Trailer: Here's What an Arnold Schwarzenegger Zombie Movie Looks Like