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In case you haven’t had a chance to watch this fantastic Damon Lindelof interview yet, take some time off today and give it a shot. From The Verge, Lindelof discusses lots, including almost 30 minutes on the Lost finale. Definitely a must watch for fans of the writer and his shows/movies.

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Damon Lindelof Plans 1952

Damon Lindelof, best known for his work on “LOST”, has signed on to both write and produce a mysterious project called 1952 , Deadline reports.

Little is known about the project and, indeed, 1952 is said to likely be just a working title. What has been revealed is that the film is a big-budget sci-fi project and is designed to expand beyond a single feature into a multi-tiered franchise.

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Former Lost showrunner Damon Lindelof seemingly has weighed in on AMC’s Mad Men mess. Apparently responding to reports that Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is being offered a whopping $ 30 million to write the show for a three-year deal, Lindelof tweeted: “Not that I’m sour grapes, but TEN MILLION DOLLARS a year for 13 episodes

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