Obesity may be linked to dementia

Obese adultsObesity, which is associated with cardiovascular problems, may also be linked with dementia in later life. A study found that people who are very underweight, overweight or obese in mid-life (40-60 years) have an increased risk of developing dementia in late-life (60 onwards). Symptoms of dementia include memory loss, forgetting simple words, poor judgement and

Doomed “Kitchen Nightmares” Chef Joe Cerniglia Linked To Drugs &

The sister of the New Jersey restaurateur once ripped on national television by Scottish foodie Gordon Ramsay has denied that the celebrity chef played any part in the chef’s suicide — but Joseph Cerniglia’s lifestyle in the months leading up to his death is another story.Cerniglia, owner of eatery Campania, was berated by Ramsay in

Rihanna now linked to Matt Kem

The Rockstar 101’ singer Rihanna has finally found a boyfriend Matt Kemp after her troubled relationship with Chris Brown ended. She has announced her happiness about being with Kemp, who is a 25-year old outfielder in Los Angeles Dodgers.
Both of them were first spotted in Mexico where they were vacationing together. In an