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uzo-aduba-orange-is-the-new-black-young-suzanne-crazy-eyes.jpgNot only did Season 2 of
“Orange is the New Black” expand on the back stories of more of your favorite Litchfield inmates, we also met the younger versions of several of the women. None of the other actresses were more impressive, however, than the little girl cast as young Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren.

Suzanne’s background was explored further in episode 3, with two young… Continue reading 'Orange Is the New Black' star Uzo Aduba loved young Suzanne as much as you did

The Spy Who Loved Me — Review

• The Spy Who Loved Me — Largely ridiculous, but unquestionably fun, 7/10. WATCH full episodes of Movie Night, every Friday night: bit.ly SIGN UP for your free 30-day Netflix trial at: www.Netflix.com TWEET a review with the #JPMN hashtag, and have it featured on the show! ~~ Movie Night Reviews ~~ Each “Quick Review” is an excerpt… Continue reading The Spy Who Loved Me -- Review

  • The Space Abortion – “Prometheus”

    Whatever you thought of Ridley Scott’s return to the “Alien” universe (and I know some people <em>hated it</em>), it’s hard to deny the awe-inducing, stomach-churning power of the moment when scientist Elizabeth Shaw (original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Noomi Rapace), infected by a malevolent black goo, has to perform an emergency, robot-assisted cesarean section on herself. (You can watch <a href=”http://youtu.be/9IG2bicNOfo”>the full NSFW scene

  • Style News Now

    09/07/2012 at 05:30 PM ET

    Miranda KerrBrendon Thorne/Getty

    We’ve been saying it for months and it looks like StyleWatch readers agree: Miranda Kerr‘s style is seriously unstoppable.

    Ninety-five percent of you loved the sleeveless floral-print Erdem sheath Kerr wore to promote a new hair care line in Sydney on Tuesday, putting her

    Paramount Insurge Teases The Loved Ones


    Paramount Pictures

    March 9, 2012

    Paramount Insurge has released the first teaser for Sean Byrne’s The Loved Ones, set to hit theaters nationwide this June in an innovative distribution manner (read full details about that here). Check out the teaser in the player beneath the synopsis.

    Lola Stone asked Brent Mitchell to the prom, but Brent said no, and now he’s screwed. What happens when