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Dolph Lundgren is a hard action star to pin down. It’s not because he’s been in less movies than, say, Jean-Claude Van Damme. It’s not because he’s had fewer hits than Steven Seagal. It’s because while peers like Stallone and Schwarzengger were off making sequel after sequel, Lundgren, who has a master’s degree in chemical engineering, was happy to start a family and… Continue reading Interview: Dolph Lundgren Talks the Comedy of the Coen Bros. and the Drama of 'Skin Trade'

It’s been almost 30 years since Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago uttered his famous “I must break you” line in “Rocky IV.” Since then, the Swedish-born actor has become a household name for action flicks, eagerly stomping anything (or anyone) that gets in his way on screen.

In “Expendables 2,” Lundgren is back at it again, this time as Gunnar Jensen, a member of the elite mercenary squad known as the Expendables… Continue reading Dolph Lundgren, 'Expendables 2' Star, On He-Man, Ivan Drago And Being An Old Action Hero

Dolph Lundgren has admitted that he enjoyed working with Sylvester Stallone on the sets of ‘The Expendables’. Stallone handed Lundgren his breakthrough role in 1985””s Rocky IV – which he wrote, starred in and directed. And Lundgren, who played huge Russian boxer Ivan Drago in the film, admitted his old pal was much easier to […] Continue reading Sly now ‘more thoughtful’ as a director, says Dolph Lundgren

‘Rambo’ star Sylvester Stallone has revealed that he is scared of fellow action hero Dolph Lundgren. Stallone, 64, says he is afraid to write a fight scene between himself and Lundgren, 52, in his new film ‘The Expendables’, because of a previous experience. He revealed that he is still haunted by a fight scene with […] Continue reading Tough guy Sly is scared of Dolph Lundgren