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A few weeks back, ComingSoon.net was invited on a very special trip to Edinburgh, Scotland to attend the junket for DisneyPixar’s Brave, and it was quite an event with clan fighting, archery, Scottish highlander marching bands, haggis, and even John Lasseter in a kilt! (You can see pictures of all of these things in our gallery.)

Pixar Animation’s 13th feature length animated film features the voice of… Continue reading CS Video: Kelly Macdonald and Kevin McKidd on Pixar's Brave


Edward Douglas

July 27, 2011

Director Kevin Macdonald has always tried to traverse the line between reality and fiction with his work going back to Touching the Void and its dramatization of a daring story of survival in the Andes. His dramatic work, which includes the Oscar-winning The Last King of Scotland, the thriller State of Play and The Eagle released