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Alec Baldwin comes face-to-face with Olivia Wilde’s Evil Queen as Queen Latifah channels her inner Sea Witch in a newly-released campaign promoting Disney Theme Parks. The portraits are the latest […]

Imagine spending the next 90 years in the same outfit. Go ahead, laugh — but it’s a plight very real for Planters’ Peanuts’ longtime not-so verbose spokesman, Mr. Peanut. After decades of patience, one of pop culture’s most endearing nutjobs is getting a new looks and a very famous voice, The New York Times said […] Continue reading Mr. Peanut Makeover Includes Voiceover By Robert Downey Jr.

Oh Holy Crap, what did they do to Justin Bieber?! Nothing, says Brazilian teen-interest magazine Todateen Star. The editors at the Portuguese-language publication have angrily responded to criticism that it gave singing superstar Justin Bieber a glammed-up makeup makeover on the cover of their November issue. The poor lad already gets enough flak for being […] Continue reading Justin Bieber Makeup Makeover On Cover Of Brazilian Teen Magazine?

Leona Lewis was a shy girl when she made it big with the ‘X Factor’, but at a recent party she shocked many a stars by entering like a stunning pop princess. The X Factor winner made a sensational entrance at top fashion designer Roberto Cavalli’s Paris party that left other guests like models Heidi […] Continue reading Shy Leona Lewis goes for pop princess makeover

The Jersey Shore guys underwent a workout makeover for GQ Magazine, newsstands nationwide Sept. 21.It takes alot to get the guys of MTV’s most-watched series to ditch their signature style, but when GQ came calling, The Guidos came running, ready to hand in their greaser charm for chic gym attire for the magazine’s October issue. In […] Continue reading “Jersey Shore” Guys GQ Magazine Workout Makeover