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This just in: Heidi says something smart! Reality star Heidi Montag is mourning the loss of her old face! Word on The Curb has it that one-half of the Terrible Twosome known as “Speidi” is kicking herself after forking over fistfuls of dough to become a life-sized Barbie. Hate to say we told you so….It was only […] Continue reading Heidi Montag Having Second Thoughts About Plastic Surgery Makeover

Actress Jessica Simpson”s small screen show is all set to get a makeover following poor ratings in the US. The singer is convinced that she can turn her VH1 show ‘Price of Beauty’, which is yet to be screened in Australia, into a hit with a few tweaks of course. “VH1 is in talks with […] Continue reading Jessica Simpson”s TV show Price of Beauty getting a makeover

In Issue 600 of her monthly series, crimefighting sex kitten Wonder Woman gets a new costume a bit more suitable for busting scrum bags: pants.Wonder Woman is an Amazon with superhuman powers and the alter ego of Princess Diana of Themyscira. After 69 years of kicking bad guy butt in a red top and star-spangled […] Continue reading Wonder Woman Makeover — Wonder Woman New Costume

New film undoes Joan Rivers’ cosmetic makeover

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – If cosmetic makeovers mask our most unsavory features, then a new documentary has stripped away the many changes Joan Rivers has made to herself over the years and laid bare th Continue reading New film undoes Joan Rivers' cosmetic makeover

Courteney Cox has hinted that hit TV show ‘Friends’ may be made into a film.
The actress revealed that her former co-star in the show Jennifer Aniston has suggested a reunion.
“We’ve got a good idea. There is a good way to get us all together,” Fox News quoted her, as saying.
She added: “Jennifer (Aniston) told me, […] Continue reading ‘Friends’ to soon get film makeover?