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Roger Waters, founder of Pink Floyd, has given a band the permission to rewrite the famous Floyd hit ‘Another Brick in The Wall’. According to The Daily Express, the classic has been transformed by a Canadian band ‘Blurred Vision’ into an anthem of dissent for young Iranians. The song replaces the teacher reference with “Hey, […] Continue reading Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in The Wall’ gets an Iranian makeover!

This just in: Heidi says something smart! Reality star Heidi Montag is mourning the loss of her old face! Word on The Curb has it that one-half of the Terrible Twosome known as “Speidi” is kicking herself after forking over fistfuls of dough to become a life-sized Barbie. Hate to say we told you so….It was only […] Continue reading Heidi Montag Having Second Thoughts About Plastic Surgery Makeover

Actress Jessica Simpson”s small screen show is all set to get a makeover following poor ratings in the US. The singer is convinced that she can turn her VH1 show ‘Price of Beauty’, which is yet to be screened in Australia, into a hit with a few tweaks of course. “VH1 is in talks with […] Continue reading Jessica Simpson”s TV show Price of Beauty getting a makeover

In Issue 600 of her monthly series, crimefighting sex kitten Wonder Woman gets a new costume a bit more suitable for busting scrum bags: pants.Wonder Woman is an Amazon with superhuman powers and the alter ego of Princess Diana of Themyscira. After 69 years of kicking bad guy butt in a red top and star-spangled […] Continue reading Wonder Woman Makeover — Wonder Woman New Costume

New film undoes Joan Rivers’ cosmetic makeover

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – If cosmetic makeovers mask our most unsavory features, then a new documentary has stripped away the many changes Joan Rivers has made to herself over the years and laid bare th Continue reading New film undoes Joan Rivers' cosmetic makeover