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It has never been easier to be a bad movie and still have people excited to watch you. The Asylum has perfected this business model, churning out no-budget hits again and again, with the Sharknado franchise being a jewel in their poorly rendered CGI crown.

It doesn’t matter to them if the effects are garbage and that people are only watching Asylum… Continue reading Move Over 'Sharknado,' the Backstreet Boys and 'NSync Are Making a Zombie Apocalypse Movie

One of the hottest panels of this year’s Comic-Con was held for Star Wars, mostly for this year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we were there to get all the scoops and share some of the new images from the highly anticipated sequel. Here’s the important stuff we learned and saw:

– First of all, ontrary to rumors, Star Wars Anthology: Rogue

There’s not much Hollywood loves more than a good scandal, so it should be little surprise that the recent raid on FIFA’s allegedly corrupt executives is already heading to the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter has word that Ben Affleck is set to produce Houses of Deceit for his home studio Warner Bros. 

Affleck won’t be directing the project, though. Those duties… Continue reading Ben Affleck and the Director of 'Warrior' are Making a Movie About the FIFA Scandal

It’s been a rough road for adaptations of some of Stephen King’s biggest books. Rumors of a movie based on King and Peter Straub’s epic The Talisman have floated around for years (with Steven Spielberg attached at one point), but have never come to fruition. Ron Howard tantalized us with what was sure to be an amazing multi-feature version of King’s sprawling dark… Continue reading The Last Horror Blog: The Pros and Cons of Making 'The Stand' Into a TV Show and a Movie