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It sucks for anyone to lose their boyfriend to The Evil Ex — Now imagine that The Evil Ex is an international pop star with a small army of “Little Monsters” at her disposal! Meet Alex Stebbins, a 21-year-old aspiring actress from The Big Apple. Stebbins said she had been happily dating bartender/drummer Luc Carl [...] Continue reading Alex Stebbins: “Lady Gaga Stole My Man!”

Bill Gates has been listed as the most powerful man in the technology world by Forbes. The founder of Microsoft, Gates has been named the 10th most powerful man in the world, ahead of the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Hillary Clinton and Steve Jobs, reports The Telegraph. Forbes has praised him for his work in [...] Continue reading Forbes names Bill Gates ‘Most Powerful Man in technology’

Gay singer Ricky Martin has revealed that before accepting his homosexuality he enjoyed numerous affairs with women. Writing candidly about his private life in his book ”Me”, Martin claimed he spent years as a rampant womaniser as he denied his true feelings. “I spent a couple years (in the late 1990s) acting like the typical [...] Continue reading I spent a couple of years acting like a total ladies” man, says Ricky Martin

What exactly is it that newlywed Katy Perry sees in her new husband, British comic Russell Brand? Harper’s Bazaar Magazine investigates just that in a chat with the card-carrying “California Gurl” that will appear between the covers of the mag’s December issue, available Nov. 16. We never would have taken Russ for the biblical type [...] Continue reading Katy Perry Tells Harper’s Bazaar: “I Married A Man Of God”

The “Smelly Old Man” who was made fun by reality star and professional skateboarder Rob Dyrek during an episode of the hit MTV reality series Fantasy Factory is suing the network for $25,000 over the humiliation he suffered when footage aired without his permission. The unidentified man was mocked as the crew and Rob pretended [...] Continue reading MTV “Rob Dyrek: Fantasy Factory” Sued By “Smelly Old Man”