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Does Comic-Con matter?

It’s a huge event. And we love it. But does Comic-Con matter? Does it really matter, at the end of the day, if a TV show or movie has a presence at the San Diego mega-event? Does it genuinely make a noticeable impact in a project’s popularity if the conference’s hardcore fans tweet their approval? Or is Comic-Con to the entertainment industry simply like an office holiday party that… Continue reading Does Comic-Con matter?

Oscars 2013: Which Precursor Prizes Matter?

Aside from the Oscar nominations themselves, the most important development in the Oscar race this week was, of course, the Eddie nominations, from the American Cinema Editors.

Wait, what about the Golden Globes? The Critics’ Choice Awards? The BAFTA nominations for the British Academy Awards? Aren’t they big deals?

Nope, not this year, not when it comes to their value as tools to predict who’ll win Oscars.

The Academy’s decision this year to… Continue reading Oscars 2013: Which Precursor Prizes Matter?

Canceled shows: Does your outrage matter?

In the last 24 hours, two broadcast nets yanked three new series off the air –ABC’s 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort, and CBS’ Partners. Though low ratings typically justify the premature deaths, that’s little consolation to viewers who connected early to the programs (or in this case, at least one of them).… Continue reading Canceled shows: Does your outrage matter?

Doc Talk: Do the Oscars Still Matter?

if%20a%20tree%20falls%20fire%201 Doc Talk: Do the Oscars Still Matter?

Once again, as we near closer to another Academy Awards ceremony, people are asking the same old question: do the Oscars still matter? It’s a silly question by itself, because we must consider whether they’ve ever mattered, and if so to what extent. To address the debate in full would take a lot of thought and a tremendous amount of words. Fortunately for my sanity this… Continue reading Doc Talk: Do the Oscars Still Matter?

Awhile back, to the woeful delight of the Internet, Brad Pitt dropped a career bomb — that he maybe could be quitting acting in a mere three years (!) — focus on producing and being a father to a caravan of children.

Now, after the release of Angelina Jolie’s (notoriously tumultuous) directorial debut “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” Pitt’s partner may be looking to bow out from acting, too.

“I… Continue reading Angelina Jolie May Quit Acting If She Can't 'Find Roles That Matter'