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Doc Talk: Do the Oscars Still Matter?

if%20a%20tree%20falls%20fire%201 Doc Talk: Do the Oscars Still Matter?

Once again, as we near closer to another Academy Awards ceremony, people are asking the same old question: do the Oscars still matter? It’s a silly question by itself, because we must consider whether they’ve ever mattered, and if so to what extent. To address the debate in full would take a lot of thought and a tremendous amount of words. Fortunately for my sanity this… Continue reading Doc Talk: Do the Oscars Still Matter?

Awhile back, to the woeful delight of the Internet, Brad Pitt dropped a career bomb — that he maybe could be quitting acting in a mere three years (!) — focus on producing and being a father to a caravan of children.

Now, after the release of Angelina Jolie’s (notoriously tumultuous) directorial debut “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” Pitt’s partner may be looking to bow out from acting, too.

“I… Continue reading Angelina Jolie May Quit Acting If She Can't 'Find Roles That Matter'

pauline kael 1283188929 Who Was Pauline Kael and Why Does She Still Matter?Pauline Kael is having a moment. The legendary New Yorker movie critic is the focus of three new books — an anthology of her work, a biography, and a memoir by one of her disciples — and the topic of debate among fellow movie critics and pundits at film festival panels. Not bad for a woman who passed away 10 years ago and… Continue reading Who Was Pauline Kael and Why Does She Still Matter?

The Internet is abuzz over comments made by Disney Animation chief technical officer Andy Hendrickson at the Siggraph business conference last week. His matter-of-fact assessment of movie business priorities confirmed what Hollywood’s most cynical observers have always suspected: story doesn’t matter and they don’t care if you know it, because all they care about is getting your money.

“A tentpole film is one where you can seed the desire… Continue reading Disney Exec Admits Story Doesn't Matter In Movies; Have You Proven Him Correct?

r31256 260x195 Matter Fisher: A Lone Fisherman Encounters a Ravenous Ball of Matter

“Matter Fisher” is a fascinating animated short film by English animator David Prosser, which was honored with a 2011 BAFTA nomination in the Short Animation category. The animation made its online debut this week; the film captures the expressive nature of sketching and combines it with the environmental depth of 3D. It tells the story of a serendipitous journey in which a fisherman is united with… Continue reading Matter Fisher: A Lone Fisherman Encounters a Ravenous Ball of Matter