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The year 2013 was one helluva year for the science fiction genre, so it feels weird to look ahead to 2014 and think that it may somehow top it. The next 52 weeks look to bring us a smorgasbord of genre delights, with releases ranging from wacky space operas to serious-minded hard sci-fi seemingly coming every other week. The only thing left to do now is to wait, which means… Continue reading The 2014 Science Fiction Movie Preview: 'RoboCop,' 'The Maze Runner,' Interstellar' and More

Keira Knightley worked for free in her latest art film, ”Maze”, by the painter turned filmmaker Stuart Pearson Wright.
“I loved the idea of doing something that was purely creative, weird and wonderful and not a commercial venture,” The Mirror quoted Keira as telling The Independent.
“Ideas were emailed and then developed at Stuart’’s studio over cupcakes [...] Continue reading Keira Knightley waives her fee for art film