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Turns out, Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis really isn’t “The Marrying Kind.” Imagine that…. In a press statement issued Thursday evening, Francis and his wife of seven weeks, Arkansas-born CBS newscaster Christina McLarty, confirmed that they are calling it quits. “After careful and thoughtful consideration on both our parts, Christina and I have mutually […] Continue reading Joe Francis Christina McLarty Split

Well, what do you know? Joe Francis’ marriage to busty newscaster Christina McLarty lasted a whole five minutes longer than we originally expected. Bravo! Word on the Curb has it that sometime between Thanksgiving and the last full moon, Christina made the miraculous revelation that she’s married to a sleazy slimebag and dumped her porn […] Continue reading Joe Francis Divorce? Christina McLarty Dumps “Girls Gone Wild” Founder Two Months After Wedding

While Paris Hilton is heating up the Google searches this Friday for smoking the ganja out in South Africa, her pot-smokin’ chum Joe Francis is in the headlines for an entirely different reason. The Girls Gone Wild founder — who never met an inebriated twentysomething he didn’t want to disrobe and exploit — is getting […] Continue reading “Girls Gone Wild” Founder Joe Francis Engaged To Wed CBS News’ Christina McLarty