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Fey and Ferrell: A meeting of (comic) megaminds

Ali vs. Foreman. Wile E. Coyote vs. the Road Runner. The Summit Series. Now you can add Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt to the list of epic clashes of … Continue reading Fey and Ferrell: A meeting of (comic) megaminds

One’s good mood will be ruined after meeting a younger present girlfriend of one’s ex. The situation will become even worse if this current girlfriend is a popular American actress. This article is about Elle Macpherson. The 47-year-old mother of two children is still considered to be a beauty of the world class and is [...] Continue reading Unpleasant Meeting of Elle with Her ex’s Fiancée Uma Thurman

Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson has said that she has a great amount of love and respect for the singer’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe. Katherine rubbished rumours that she does not like the King of Pop’s ex-wife who gave birth to two of his eldest kids Prince Michael, 13, and Paris, 12. Katherine said that she [...] Continue reading ‘First meeting with Debbie Rowe was special’, says MJ’s mum

Teri Hatcher has said she tries not to spoil her daughter, 12-year-old Emerson Rose, but if setting her up to meet Justin Bieber isn’t a bit of overindulgence we don’t know what is.“I got her a chance to get a picture with Justin Bieber,” the Desperate Housewives star dished to PEOPLE earlier this month. “That [...] Continue reading Teri Hatcher Set Up Meeting Between Daughter Emerson And Justin Bieber

GoM on Bhopal begins second day meeting

The Group of Ministers (GoM) on the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy began its second day of deliberations here Saturday to discuss the legal, environmental and health issues relating to the world’s worst industrial disaster. The GoM is scheduled to have two sessions Saturday and discussions will continue Sunday. It is expected to give its report [...] Continue reading GoM on Bhopal begins second day meeting