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By David Perel – Executive Vice President/Managing Editor radio detection and ranging

At least two Storage Wars cast members told executives that they wanted the network and production company to keep faking the show, sources with inside knowledge of the situation told radio detection and rangingOnline.com exclusively.

Radar was first to report that Dave Hester filed a five-count multi-million dollar lawsuit against A&E and the show’s production company, charging that items… Continue reading Some Storage Wars Cast Members Told Execs To Keep Faking The Show

Expect to see several new faces on ABC’s Last Man Standing when the Tim Allen comedy returns for a second season this fall.

Newly-minted Showrunner Tim Doyle (Better off Ted, Ellen) has decided to recast several roles, including the part of Kristin — Mike Baxter’s (Allen) eldest daughter — as well as role of Kristin’s son Boyd and the young boy’s father.

Amanda Fuller (left) will now play the eldest… Continue reading ‘Last Man Standing’ scoop: Meet Tim Allen’s newest family members — EXCLUSIVE

First Look: Adam Sandler As SNL Cast Member’s Dad

It’s a bit strange that Adam Sandler is playing Andy Samberg’s dad in the upcoming comedy “Donny’s Boy” (previously titled, “I Hate You, Dad”). After all, Samberg is only 12 years his junior — not that accuracy has ever prevented Sandler fans from wrapping their heads around other outlandish plot points in Happy Madison movies (ahem, “Jack and Jill”).

The notion that the former “SNL” cast member will play dad to… Continue reading First Look: Adam Sandler As SNL Cast Member's Dad

By radio detection and ranging Staff

Gary Giordano is “upset” and “concerned” in wake of a three-judge panel ruling Wednesday that he must remain in jail in Aruba until the end of October, despite not being charged with any wrongdoing in connection with the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, a Maryland woman he was traveling with on the Caribbean island.

In an exclusive interview with radio detection and rangingOnline.com, Giordano’s second wife… Continue reading Murder Suspect Gary Giordano Is 'Upset' And 'Concerned,' Says Family Members

It is the heavily hyped TV show which is meant to keep up with the antics of some of the poshest people in Britain. But what viewers saw in the … Continue reading Made (up) In Chelsea: The club scenes are staged, the cocky doorman doesn't work there... and none of the cast are members