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Sassy, yes. Sexy, no. Disney has pulled a redesign of “Brave” character Merida after facing backlash over the “sexy” makeover.

Disney had put up the new version of Merida for her “coronation” as a Disney princess on May 11. The new Merida looked thinner, had a fuller bust, and was wearing eye makeup. Her signature wild red curls were tamer, and she sported a sash instead of a bow and arrows.

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Merida from “Brave” is not your typical Disney princess. Pixar’s first female protagonist may be beautiful, but she is not in any way dreaming of her prince to come. Instead, the firstborn heir of the Scottish kingdom of DunBroch, would rather sling her arrows and defend her homeland than primp and prepare for the eventuality of being queen — which makes her a refreshing alternative to the canon of Disney… Continue reading Is Princess Merida Of 'Brave' Disney's Best Female Role Model? (OPINION)