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Posted on Dec 26, 2015 @ 15:53PM ‘, wrap: true, showCounts: ‘true’, iconsOnly: true, noButtonBorders: true, onLoad: function(eventName, source, context) { setTimeout(function(){ if(jQuery(‘#ami-gigya-sharebar-reaction2-count-value’).text() == ”) { jQuery(‘#ami-gigya-sharebar-reaction2-count-value’).text(‘0’); } jQuery(‘#gigya-wrap’).animate({opacity: 1}, 500); }, 1500); } }… Continue reading Hot Holiday! Bethenny Frankel Heats Up Miami Beach

Everyone knows that feeling when they discover a truly bizarre movie for the first time and just can’t wait to share it with friends, if only because watching it with other people confirms that it was not a hallucination and the movie in question actually exists. Over the last few years one of the best places to find these wholly unique gems that… Continue reading The Home of 'Miami Connection' and 'Roar' Finds Its Next Insane Movie to Re-Release

It’s Trailer Thursday, so here are a few new spots to check out:


With all the cooking and food shows on TV, why would anyone need to go to the movies to see a story of a chef attempting to start the best restaurant in the world? Well, this one does star the unstoppable Bradley Cooper, who is surrounded by… Continue reading Trailer Roundup: Bradley Cooper Gets 'Burnt,' Robert Pattinson Chases 'Life,' and 'Ride Along 2' Goes to Miami