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Jaws%20Quint%20Hooper%20Brody%20(590%20x%20302) 10 Things You Might Not Know About Jaws

Steven Spielberg’s Jaws has become a bonafide pop culture phenomenon since it was released back in 1975. It’s been the subject of books, documentaries, countless Internet articles, and millions of discussions held on beaches around the globe.

The film has been dissected and analyzed so thoroughly and so often that it’s hard to find new tidbits about the production that weren’t already common… Continue reading 10 Things You Might Not Know About 'Jaws'

Androids have been an integral part of the Alien universe ever since Ash (Ian Holm) went berserk on the crew of the Nostromo. But few of the actors playing machines for an Alien film have achieved the level of mysterious tension achieved by the outstanding Michael Fassbender in Sir Ridley Scott’s latest, Prometheus. David is, on the surface, an android employed by string-puller Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce). But as

Report: ‘Cougar Town’ might move to TBS

Could Cougar Town get saved by TBS?

Deadline reports TBS is having some preliminary talks with the show’s producer ABC Studios about picking up the show. ABC hasn’t officially axed Cougar Town yet and broadcast shows typically get shopped to cable after they’re cancelled. But ratings have been dire and observers aren’t betting on a renewal. Despite creator Bill Lawrence’s guerrilla marketing efforts to rally viewers to save the… Continue reading Report: ‘Cougar Town’ might move to TBS

The characters on ABC’s Once Upon a Time sure have a lot to deal with these days and two characters’ troubles are going to send them right to the couch of the town’s resident psychologist, Archie Hopper (Raphael Sbarge).

“David’s got problems,” star Josh Dallas told the crowd after it was revealed that David and Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) would be soon seeking therapy from the good doctor, who… Continue reading ‘Once Upon a Time’ scoop: Who’s headed to therapy? How wicked is the Evil Queen’s mother? And who might return?

It just got real.

In the battle between Hollywood and Silicon Valley over the proposed new stringent anti-piracy laws known as SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (the Proctect Intellectual Property Act), Wednesday’s blackout protest that saw several major websites going on strike for a day seemed like a practical but largely symbolic public relations gesture. On Thursday, however, the battle suddenly gained a body count, first with the… Continue reading Today In SOPA News: What You Need To Know And How It Might Affect You