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Exclusive: Steven Soderbergh on Magic Mike , Liberace & Side Effects

Earlier this week, ComingSoon.net had the opportunity to have a lengthy phone interview with Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, whose action-thriller Haywire comes out on January 20. That movie actually shot a few years back and since then, Soderbergh made the viral outbreak thriller Contagion and he’s filmed his next project Magic Mike with Channing Tatum, which we spoke to him about.

Written by Reid Carolin, Channing’s… Continue reading Exclusive: Steven Soderbergh on Magic Mike , Liberace & Side Effects

New Images: ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,’ ‘Dark Shadows,’ ‘Magic Mike’ and More

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What to watch on Monday, October 24…

Hey how was your weekend? That was a rhetorical question, we all KNOW how your weekend went. Sorry about your car. And your tiger cub. And the pirate treasure. And your dignity! Cheer up, though, ’cause the TV forgives everything.

8pm, CBSHow I Met Your MotherTonight everyone comes to the same startling conclusion: each of their significant others reminds them of their parents. Plus Barney’s… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Mike & Molly, How I Met Your Mother, and Enlightened

When Glee’s over-achieving Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) gets an “Asian F,” otherwise known as an A-, his father (Keong Sim) schedules a meeting with Principal Figgins. No surprise, the New Directions, and Tina in particular, take the blame for Mike’s “failure.” Enjoy our sneak peek at this Changtastic episode airing Oct. 4 on Fox.


Image Credit: Jim Bridges/ABC

The new fall TV season has officially begun, and one of the breakout shows (and one of the favorites around the EW offices) is ABC’s new nighttime soap Revenge. Starring Brothers & Sisters‘ Emily VanCamp as the vengeful Emily Thorne, who seeks retribution for her framed father, Revenge premiered on Wednesday to a surprisingly healthy 10.1 million viewers… Continue reading ‘Revenge’ creator Mike Kelley: ‘You will have all of the answers by the 13th episode’