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Listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas albums cover to cover on repeat would leave most people cursing Santa Claus and all his elves, but Mimi’s festive tunes are helping the goats at St Helen’s Farm in England to produce an extra pint of milk every day. Farmer “Angus” tells The Daily Express that he’s discovered an […] Continue reading Mariah Carey Christmas Songs Save The Goat Milk Industry!

Gold medal-winning downhill skier Lindsey Vonn is the latest calicum-conscious athlete to don the famous milk moustache for the Body by Milk nutritional campaign. On Tuesday, Vonn unveiled two new “Got Milk?” ads to help share the benefits of drinking lowfat milk. “Whether pouring it on your cereal or drinking it in a smoothie, latte, […] Continue reading Lindsey Vonn “Got Milk?” Ad Campaign


MILK – DVD MovieWhen a famous person, like the nation’s first openly gay male city supervisor, inspires an acclaimed book (The Mayor of Castro Street) and Oscar-winning documentary (The Times of Harvey Milk), a biopic can seem superfluous at best. Taking over from Oliver Stone and Bryan Singer, Gus Van Sant, whose previous picture was the more… Continue reading Milk Reviews

Milk does a mother-son relationship good! Modern Family star Sofia Vergara dons the infamous milkstache for Body By Milk’s “Got Milk?” nutritional campaign — and she’s joined by an equally good-looking co-star, her 19-year-old son Manolo! The mother/son duo don matching outfits and milk moustaches in an ad that premiered this week. “I love being […] Continue reading “Modern Family” Sofia Vergara & Son Manolo “Got Milk?” Ad

Farmers have claimed that scenes from the William Shakespeare play ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ boosted cow milk production by four per cent. Actors of local Changeling Theatre Company, performed the “entertaining” play for Friesian cows at the Pleasant Farm, near Maidstone, Kent. “We selected scenes from the play we felt to be lyrical and […] Continue reading Shakespeare”s plays ‘boost cow milk production’