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0 0 0 View Larger Image . A jury has awarded Don Johnson $23.2 million in profits from the TV series “Nash Bridges” and issued rulings that may … Continue reading $23.2 million 'Nash Bridges' verdict

A lot of celebrities and even President Obama have been really surprised by the number of Lady Gaga’s Facebook fans. It was today reported by FameCount.com, social-network statistics site in Britain, Lady Gaga has become the first person in the world with 10 million rolled up Facebook fans. On 2, July Obama got really surprised […] Continue reading Lady Gaga Gathers 10 Million Fans on Facebook: Absolute Caleb Leader?

The Twilight Trio is about to become very wealthy. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse sailed to the top of the box office over the weekend. The third installment in the wildly-popular blockbuster film franchise has earned $161 million since hitting theaters on June 30. Now the movie’s three stars are set to rake in a substantial sum […] Continue reading “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” $25 Million Salary Agreement

Can’t outdo her PokerFacebook! Lady Gaga bested President Barack Obama Friday to become the first living person to score more than 10 million fans on Facebook.For more than a week, Facebook profiles for the US Commander-in-Chief and the quirky pop phenomenon had been locked in a bitter competition to become the first living person to hit […] Continue reading Lady Gaga Bests Obama In Race To 10 Million Facebook Fans

Wowza — “It’s cheaper to keep her” is an age-old adage Tiger Woods is likely holding dear these days. The philandering sportsman will pony over three-quarters of a billion dollars in his divorce battle with his allegedly club-wielding wife, Elin. Want us to do the math? That’s 750 million smacks.In exchange for the massive sum, Elin has […] Continue reading Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren $750 Million Divorce Settlement