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Spirited Away MinecraftWhen I’m not watching movies, I’m usually off playing videogames – so I especially love it when two of my life’s greatest passions intersect. We’ve got lots of that happening in today’s roundup.

Let’s kick things off with yet another cool Minecraft recreation of something beloved by film fans – this time it’s Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away that’s been reimagined in blocky detail. The work… Continue reading Miyazaki Meets 'Minecraft,' Plus 'Dark Souls II' and 'Banner Saga' Trailers in Today's Movie Game Roundup

Docm77´s NEW Minecraft World Tour – Episode 107: Lighthearted

In Episode 107, we play Minecraft 😉 Falling Trees in Minecraft? youtu.be Iron Golem Farm Tutorial: www.youtube.com AMIDST Mapping Tool: www.minecraftforum.net Download the “UFO”: www.mediafire.com How to get multiple Dog Skins in your World? www.youtube.com Minecraft Version History: www.minecraftwiki.net Visit the DocBox on: www.docm77.net TwitchTV www.twitch.tv Important Info: Updated download links for Docm77´s Special Edition “Faithful… Continue reading Docm77´s NEW Minecraft World Tour - Episode 107: Lighthearted

IGDaily – Minecraft on Xbox – 3/22/12

www.youtube.com Click here to watch IGDaily – The Elder Scrolls: Dawnguard – 3/21/12 IGDaily – Minecraft on Xbox – 3/22/12 Wu Tang learns to use a book!!! Minecraft gets a controller!!! And Final Fantasy finally gets some rhythm!!! This is Inside Gaming for March 22nd, 2012. Trailers: www.insidegamingdaily.com Arcade Next: www.insidegamingdaily.com Stripes: www.insidegamingdaily.com 2D game: www.insidegamingdaily.com Arrows: www.insidegamingdaily.com… Continue reading IGDaily - Minecraft on Xbox - 3/22/12