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‘Wanderlust’: Paul Rudd Makes The Mistake Of Killing A Fly (VIDEO)

In “Wanderlust,” Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston play a Manhattan couple who, following a bit of unexpected unemployment (is there any other kind?), head down South to rebuild their lives. What happens next is like “Lost In America” by way of “Wet Hot American Summer”: the couple stumbles onto a commune and begins to realize that maybe winning the rat race is for losers.

Directed and co-written by David Wain (“WHAS,”… Continue reading 'Wanderlust': Paul Rudd Makes The Mistake Of Killing A Fly (VIDEO)

Emily Blunt YSL Opium AdPaul Morigi/WireImage

In a plunging pantsuit, gilded choker and auburn waves, Emily Blunt has never looked as glam as she does in the video for Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium fragrance — but she’s not quite sure she pulled it off.

“God, I’m so un-French in that trailer,” she laments to U.K.’s The Telegraph of the video (below), in which she deftly… Continue reading Emily Blunt: YSL Made a ‘Terrible Mistake’ Hiring Me

Bachelorette Ashley's Sister: 'I Made a Big Mistake'

Chrystie Corns

Hugh Kretschmer/TLC

More than 9 million viewers tuned in to The Bachelorette season finale Monday night and watched Ashley Hebert get engaged to the man of her dreams, New York construction

Sir Elton John has said that the young stars should learn from his mistake and should stop taking drugs at an early age. The 63-year-old singer considers his greatest achievement is getting sober at the age of 43 – but he wishes he”d done it when he was 20 years younger. “If you can do […] Continue reading Sir Elton John urges young stars to learn from his mistake and quit drugs

The star of “Twilight Saga” Kristen Stewart offers her apologies  for her comments that were found on Britain’s ELLE magazine. As a matter of fact, quite a lot of people were outrageous when they read the comments.
According to Kristen she has made an enormous mistake. She felt sorry about her choice of words.
It turned out […] Continue reading Kristen Stewart Offers her Apologies for her Statement