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Eva MendesEva Mendes was spotted in Paris on the set of her latest film Holly Motors and images reveal an Amy Winehouse look-alike. Maybe it’s the red beehive hair or absurd dark eyeliner but Mendes is definitely channeling the late singer. Unfortunately, for us, the Cuban-American actress isn’t playing Winehouse. While there’s… Continue reading Cine Latino: Eva Mendes Mistaken for Amy Winehouse? Sofia Vergara Crowned Best Crossover Star, Michael Peña Appreciates the Letter “Ñ”

Justin Bieber was astonished when several fans asked for his autograph after they mistook him for a soap actor. The ‘Baby’ hitmaker has a massive following around the world but it seems his fame hasn”t reached all parts of Britain as a group of teenagers approached the singer because they thought he was 17-year-old actor […] Continue reading Justin Bieber mistaken for ‘EastEnders’ star Thomas Law