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breaking-bad-506-buyout-bryan-cranston-aaron-paul.jpg“Modern Family” and “Breaking Bad” are the clear front-runners in the nominations for the 2013 Writers Guild of America Awards.

Both shows are nominated in their respective series categories, and they each occupy at least half the slots in the episodic categories. “Breaking Bad” scored four of the six nominations for individual drama episodes — that’s half of the episodes the AMC series aired in 2012… Continue reading 'Breaking Bad' and 'Modern Family' dominate Writers Guild TV nominations

It’s rare that you can trace an entire genre of movies to a single source, but you can with modern film comedy. Most of the landmark comedy films and filmmakers of the past 35 years can track their lineage back to one picture: “The Kentucky Fried Movie,” which opened exactly 35 years ago this week (on August 10, 1977).

The film may not be as well remembered today as other hits… Continue reading 'The Kentucky Fried Movie': How The Cult Classic Spawned Modern Film Comedy

modern-family-cast-contracts.jpg“Modern Family” is set to begin work on its fourth season next week. Provided, that is, the cast shows up.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, all six adult members of the cast — all of whom earned Emmy nominations on Thursday (July 19) — are seeking new contracts that would given them significant raises. Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara… Continue reading 'Modern Family' cast still negotiating contracts as Season 4 looms

What to watch on Wednesday, February 15…

Let’s just get our priorities straight here: FIRST is buying up tons of Valentine’s Day candy at steep discounts. Television comes in a distant second. Save me a red-foiled peanut butter cup?

SEASON 24 PREMIERE, 8pm, CBSSurvivor: One WorldIt’s back! Primetime’s finest hour of HD nature photography and amateur swimsuit modeling! Oh, right, and strategy. Brutal, brutal strategy. Survivor‘s 24th season (the fourth to film… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Survivor: One World, Modern Family, and Revenge

What to watch on Wednesday, February 8…

Please enjoy these delightful infotainment nuggets, hand-picked for you in order to enhance your television decision-making process. Or you can just watch whatever. Either way.

9:30pm, ABCHappy EndingsThe Happy Endings crew celebrates Valentine’s Day this week, but as you’d expect it’s simultaneously weirder and more hilarious than any Valentine’s Day YOU OR I will ever experience. Tonight both Penny and Dave find themselves on the… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Revenge, Happy Endings, and Modern Family