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As two brunette femme fatale murder defendants, Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony have naturally been compared to each other since the latest notorious death sentence trial began on January 2.

Despite growing up on opposite coasts – Jodi in California and Casey in Florida – the women have startlingly similar upbringings and now their mothers are being compared by HLN’s Raising America in hope of shedding light on what led… Continue reading Sandra Arias Vs Cindy Anthony: Comparing The Mothers In America’s Most Most-Watched Trials


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According to early overnight ratings, last night’s Cards victory was the most-watched World Series game in years.

Friday night’s Game 7 earned a household rating of 16.2 — the biggest since 2004, when the Red Sox won its first title in 86 years. If you take out games played by the Red Sox or Yankees, it was the top-rated… Continue reading Fox scores most-watched World Series game in years

Move over, Baby Vader! TiVo-ers love watching Roseanne Barr get whacked by a log! According to a new poll of TiVo users, the Snickers “Logging” Super Bowl ad featuring irritable actor Richard Lewis and the former sitcom star trading barbs was the most popular commercial to debut during Sunday’s big NFL championship. Here are the […] Continue reading Richard Lewis Roseanne Snickers Super Bowl Ad Most-Watched Among TiVo-ers

Reality Stans still can’t get enough of The Sitch. The outrageous gang of Jersey Shore continued skipping towards Gomorrah as a third season of the vodka-soaked series premiered on MTV Thursday night. And what a Thursday night it was for the cable network now known more for soapy docu-dramas like Shore than the campy music […] Continue reading “Jersey Shore” Season 3 Premiere MTV’s Most-Watched Telecast Ever

If you’re one of those seldom social networkers that happened to miss the big music video premiere that had The Watercooler buzzing or found yourself drawing a blank at the mention of the name “Antoine Dodson,” YouTube’s got you covered. The popular video sharing website is rolling out a special retrospective channel called Rewind to […] Continue reading YouTube Most-Watched VIDEOS Of 2010