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Shopping for movie fans can be hard considering most of us tend to buy our own movies, so it’s tricky to not only tell if someone already owns a film, but if they’ll even like it. Hopefully we can take the guess work out of that with the Movies.com Holiday Gift Guide.

We’ve put together a list of several dozen movies and movie-related books and TV shows… Continue reading Movies.com Holiday Gift Guide: Stop Guessing What to Buy Your Movie Lover

Yesterday we shared part one of the Movies.com Holiday Gift Guide, which focused entirely on Blu-rays and DVDs. But we all know there are plenty of other things you can buy the movie fan in your life beyond actual movies, so we’ve put together a big list of reasonably priced and relatively new items that you can gift this holiday season. Unlike with part one of this guide, we won’t… Continue reading The Movies.com Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Books, Toys and More

Monday, May 21

‘Antiviral’ Cannes Review: Brandon Cronenberg is Just as Twisted as His Dad by Eric D. Snider

‘Dracula 3D’ Cannes Review: Dario Argento’s Latest is a Ludicrous Poop-Pile of Cheesy Z-Movie Badness by Eric D. Snider

Our Favorite Time Travel Gimmicks, From Hot Tubs to Necronomicons by Brian Salisbury

‘Amour’ Cannes Review: Michael Haneke’s Version of Love is a Little Dry by Jeff Bayer

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Monday, February 27

Which Weinstein Co. Movie Will Win Next Year’s Best Picture Oscar? by Sean O’Connell

Giveaway: ‘Silent House’ NYC Premiere Tickets! by Movies.com

The Good, The Bad, and the Bogus: High School Party Movies by Perri Nemiroff

David’s Film School Diary: Here’s What Going to Film School is Really Like by David Ehrlich

The Conversation: Was There Anything Good About the 2012 Oscars? by Christopher Campbell

Tuesday, February 28

The Week in Movies.com Original Content: 21 Columns, Features and More

Monday, December 26th

Monday Morning Review: ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’; or, David Fincher’s ‘CLUE — The Movie!’ by James Rocchi

The Avengers Countdown: Does Joss Whedon Understand 3-D? by John Gholson

Tuesday, December 27th

The Year in Film: 2011’s Biggest Surprises by Brian Salisbury

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