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NBC has finally found someone to play the wife of Herman Munster in NBC’s reboot of the classic black and white comedy The Munsters.

And the lucky gal is…


Image Credit: WireImage.com

Portia de Rossi!

De Rossi joins the previously cast Jerry O’Connell (The Defenders) as the matriarch and patriarch of Mockingbird Lane, the name of Bryan Fuller’s dramatic re-imagining of the old… Continue reading ‘Munsters’ reboot: Meet Herman’s wife Lily!

NBC’s ‘Munsters’ gets new title, ditches makeup

This is odd, yet fitting. Bryan Fuller’s Munsters reboot is getting a name change.

The new title? Mockingbird Lane (the street the monster family lives on).

The current NBC pilot already shifts the concept from it’s wacky half-hour sitcom roots to an hour-long drama-ish show. So if you’re going for a tonal and branding change, you might as well go full tilt and tweak the title too. Mockingbird Lane is… Continue reading NBC’s ‘Munsters’ gets new title, ditches makeup

the-munsters-yvonne-de-carlo-0.jpgYes, we can already hear some of you howling. Another reboot? Yes, it’s official. According to Deadline, NBC is going to reboot the 1960’s comedy, “The Munsters.”

If you don’t recall, Grandpa Sam Dracula creates Herman Munster because no one is good enough for his vampire daughter Lily. Their young… Continue reading 'The Munsters' is getting a reboot at NBC

It looks like Munsters child star Butch Patrick is a graduate of the John Mayer/Jesse James School of Chilvary and Fidelity. What began as an enduring tale about love conquering all has turned into a soap opera drama for the ’60s kid actor, who stands accused of cheating on the childhood fan who later became […] Continue reading Butch Patrick, Eddie From “The Munsters,” Cheated On Fan-Turned-Fiancee

It’s safe to say that the proposed revival of The Munsters will not feature Butch Patrick in the role of Herman! The former child star who played kid vamp Eddie Wolfgang Munster on the smash ’60s series is publicly protesting NBC’s plans for a modern day reboot of the cult classic. In the meantime, former […] Continue reading Butch Patrick Protests “Munsters” Remake; Kristen Bell Courted For Role Of Marilyn