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Rebecca Nalepa and Jonah Shacknai

Courtesy Shacknai Family

The chain reaction of horrors began earlier this month when the 6-year-old son of pharmaceutical mogul Jonah Shacknai was seriously injured falling down the stairs in his father’s 27-bedroom historic mansion.

Two days later, Shacknai’s beautiful girlfriend, Rebecca Nalepa, 32, who was with the boy at the time, was found hanging nude from a second story balcony in the… Continue reading Two Mysterious Deaths in a Millionaire's Mansion


Image Credit: Karen Neal/TNT

It seems like forever since the last time we saw a new episode of Leverage. And even though it has been a while, Timothy Hutton, who helms the TNT action-drama, says season 4, which premieres tonight, will be well worth the wait.

“It does feel like it’s been a long time, but we’re really excited. It’s feeling like the… Continue reading Timothy Hutton talks ‘Leverage’ premiere, the team’s mysterious new foe, and Nate ‘going over the edge’

The Road Trip actress dies suddenly at age 36 after knee surgery. Was a blood clot to blame?… Continue reading Mysterious Death of Plus-Sized Model Mia Amber Davis

Alex Kingston is best known for her lengthy stint playing Dr. Elizabeth Corday on ER. At least, that’s what she assumed until recently. “In America, people come up and to me and I keep thinking they’re going to say, ‘Oh, I loved you on ER,’” says Kingston. “Now it’s ‘Oh, I love you on Doctor

Crystal Clear Picture:

Josh Stolberg, the screenwriter behind films like the recent remakes of Piranha and Sorority Row , has spoken with Moviehole about a number of upcoming projects, including a previously-unannounced “secret” Hasbro film.

“It’s a big family film,” he says, “and we get to play around with a lot of Hasbro brands, but at the end of the day it’s just a great father-kid relationship story kinda in a ‘Night at… Continue reading Josh Stolberg Adds Mysterious Hasbro Project