Sylvester Stallone renames himself ‘Sly-enstein’ after neck surgery

Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone has renamed himself ‘Sly-enstein’ after having his neck rebuilt. The 64-year-old star had a neck surgery after an accident while he was filming the ‘Expendables.’ “I could have been left quadriplegic. My neck has now been rebuilt,” the Daily Star quoted Stallone as saying. “I’ve got steel bolts, you name it.

No more surgeries for Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Actress Dame Elizabeth Taylor, who has fought brain tumour, heart failure, skin cancer, osteoporosis, among other problems, does not want to undergo any more operations, it has emerged.
The double Oscar-winner, suffering from crippling neck pain, has apparently told her family and friends that she can’t handle even one more surgery.
“She is adamant she can’t face