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Time to get your nerd on! Here are a few big stories currently zooming through the online geekverse.

Check Out The New Fantastic Four Poster

“Change Is Coming”… or so says the newest poster for this summer’s Fantastic Four, due out on August 7. The poster gives off a bit of an ominous vibe for our four heroes, Mr. Fantastic (Miles… Continue reading Nerd Buzz: 'Fantastic Four' Poster, The 'X-Files' Returns and Will 'Age of Ultron' Introduce This New Character?

There’s so much crazy Star Wars stuff floating around online that some of you may have seen this already, though most of you probably haven’t. In this recently-discovered rare junket interview for The Empire Strikes Back, there are some fun anecdotes from the cast, like when Mark Hamill opens up the interview discussing plans for the prequels — which, in his mind, end with the… Continue reading Nerd Watch: Rare 'Empire Strikes Back' Interviews Discuss Alternate Sequel and Prequel Plans, The Controversial Ending and More

We don’t do much television-related news on Movies.com because the site is called Movies.com for a reason, but every once in awhile movies and TV  roll around in bed together, and we’re here to catch all the dirty moments on tape. There’s a reason why Community is one of the better shows on TV, and most of it boils down to the great cast and whip-smart scripts that play better to… Continue reading Nerd Watch: Beetlejuice Makes a Cameo on 'Community'

Listen up geeks (and non-geeks, too — we don’t discriminate here at Moviefone), because we have a whole bunch of comic book movie- and nerd-related content for you to wrap your brain around today.

• First up are photos of Henry Cavill from the set of the upcoming Superman reboot, ‘Man of Steel.’ Cavill is set to play the role of Clark Kent aka Superman in the Zach… Continue reading Clark Kent Photos and an 'Avengers' Short Film in Our Nerd News of the Day

Somewhat inspired by Donald Glover’s campaign to become the next big-screen Spider-Man, Marvel is about to introduce the new “Ultimates” version of Spidey, which, as you can see above, transitions the character from the white Parker to a half-black, half-hispanic Miles Morales. This is strictly the comics version for now — or, to be more precise, for Ultimate Fallout #4, which will pick up following the… Continue reading Nerd Watch: Meet the New Half-Black, Half-Hispanic Spider-Man