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BloodLetter International Trailer Domination Tour: New Genre Flicks from Vietnam, Norway, Malaysia, China and More

Twitch Film and Movies.com once again present the International Trailer Domination Tour, a selection of the best trailers from upcoming international films. Call this outing the Mostly Martial Arts edition of the ITD, with people being punched for your amusement in China, Malaysia and Vietnam. Throw in some Norwegian witchcraft and a Dutch game show from hell and you’re all set. Here we go!

1. Blood Letter

110518p4vontrierb gr02.jpg Norway Killer Was Inspired by Dogville; Lars Von Trier ReactsDanish director Lars von Trier, who incited international outrage with his thoughtless comments earlier this year that he “admires Hitler,” is at the center of a new controversy, one surrounding Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

It turns out that Breivik was a big fan of Von Trier’s film ‘Dogville,’ and may have used it as an inspiration for his killing spree that took 69 lives. The end of… Continue reading Norway Killer Was Inspired by 'Dogville;' Lars Von Trier Reacts