Yana fractures nose, needs surgery

Yana Gupta54“Babuji” girl Yana Gupta fractured her nose while performing on the dance reality show “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa”. She will undergo surgery Thursday. “Remember our domestic violence act? Did X-ray finally and my nose is fractured. Surgery on Thursday. I wonder how I managed to dance till the end,” Yana wrote on microblogging site Twitter. The

Jets’ Mark Sanchez Picks Nose; Wipes Remnants On Teammate [VIDEO]

Booger Alert! It was a tough weekend for Coach Rex Ryan’s feet, as the acid-tongued footballer watched two-time Super Bowl champions the Pittsburgh Steelers deliver a crushing defeat to his New York Jets in Sunday’s Playoffs. For those who care, that means it’ll be a Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers faceoff at next month’s Super

Countdown To Russell Brand Katy Perry Wedding: Katy Fitted With Indian Nose

Katy Perry is going all out with the Indian traditions ahead of her wedding to Russell Brand this weekend. The bride-to-be was photographed arriving at Jaipur airport yesterday sporting a nath – a bridal nose ring linked to the ear by a chain. According to Indian tradition, the bride wears the nath throughout her wedding

Woman Digs In Nose & Eats Findings Live On TV

Brain Bleach Alert! Booger-eating isn’t just all the rage with The Sandbox Set anymore. A new viral video is sweeping the web, and it isn’t safe for work, life, or while eating. On second thought, if you’re able to sit through 60 minutes of Jersey Shore and still keep your dinner down, watching a grown

Rihanna Nose Job?

It seems Ri-Ri’s had a little work done to the ole honker, at least that’s what nine plastic surgeons believe.The 22-year-old singing star, who had a perfectly nose in the first place, apparently felt her nose wouldn’t cut it in the cutthroat world of international pop, so she had rhinoplasty surgery to narrow shortly after