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All eyes may have been focused on Cher — who lived up to the hype by finally attending a taping of Dancing with the Stars Monday — but Chaz Bono wasn’t among those ogling the diva who was positioned next to David Arquette’s daughter.

In fact, Bono kept his attention off both of his moms, including Mary Bono, who was also in the house. “When we’re dancing I try to just focus on [Lacey] and what we’re doing,”… Continue reading ‘Dancing with the Stars’: Cher was in the house! (Not that Chaz Bono noticed)

Losing your job is usually pretty damn traumatic, but in the recent wave of recession-themed movies like ‘Larry Crowne’ and ‘The Company Men,’ it’s just the first step in creating a happier, more fulfilled life than you had in the first place. Yeah, right.

While we appreciate Hollywood’s attempt to sympathize with us common folk who are struggling to make ends meet, seeing Tom Hanks or Ben… Continue reading Horrible Bosses & Other Signs Hollywood Noticed the Jobs Crisis

In Denim, two trends are never counted among outdated ones, one is the Black color and the other is Skinny Jeans. What if we combine both of them?
The answer is the latest style symbol of the date, kn Continue reading Black Skinny Jeans Can Make You Noticed

Michael Jackson’s kids have stayed out of the highlight since their appearing at the Grammy awardings in Jan, but today there is an opportunity they could turn the future YouTube stars.
Webcam video recordings sporting Paris, twelve, and Blanket, eight (merely not Prince, thirteen), have been leaked out online and placed to the internet site.
In one […] Continue reading Michael Jackson’s Kids Noticed on Youtube