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While Amanda Bynes is busy live-tweeting her mental meltdown, fellow former child star Mara Wilson offered some insight into why many kids who grow up in the spotlight go on to have such troubled adulthoods.

Wilson, who made her Hollywood debut in “Mrs. Doubtfire” at age 5, wrote a recent blog post entitled “7 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy (An Insider’s Perspective)” detailing how the world of childhood stardom is a… Continue reading Why Child Stars Go Nuts, According to Former Child Star (and 'Matilda' Actress) Mara Wilson

Nuts too can pile on the pounds

tfe no thumb Nuts too can pile on the poundsSwapping a chocolate bar for a handful of healthy nuts is no insurance against piling on the pounds. Research shows that dieters who snack on nuts, seeds or dried fruit could actually be putting on weight, rather than losing it. Nuts and seeds often contain unhealthy amounts of saturated fat, while dried fruit is usually [...] Continue reading Nuts too can pile on the pounds

David Letterman is dishing out an apology to culinary expert Rachael Ray. The late-night host says he’s sorry the perky foodie left his Late Show with a bad taste in her mouth. So not delish. On Tuesday night, the talk-show host took a moment to apologize to Ray for ranting during a taped appearance — [...] Continue reading David Letterman Rachael Ray Apology: “I’m Just Nuts”

Lindsay Lohan, who apparently tested positive for cocaine, has dismissed failed drug test report, insisting she’s fine. The 24-year-old actress failed a court-mandated drug test taken last week. As per the probation terms set last month, Lindsay is supposed to serve 30 days in jail for any positive drug test. But the ‘Mean Girls’ star [...] Continue reading LiLo says failed drug test report is ‘nuts’

10 Sports Coaches Going Freaking Nuts

Everyone has their threshold – but in the high pressure, results-driven world of sport, the temper of a testosterone-fuelled man can easily be pushed beyond its normal limits. We’re not talking about the players either. Coaches are legendary for some pretty extreme examples of going just a wee bit crazy, whether at press conferences or [...] Continue reading 10 Sports Coaches Going Freaking Nuts