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Justin Bieber has made a swift apology following the leak of a sensational video which showed him telling a vile racist joke at age 15.

The pop brat, 20, said late Sunday he’d make the comment as a “kid” — a time when he “didn’t understand the power of certain words and how they can hurt.”

“Five years ago I made a reckless and immature mistake and… Continue reading Pop Brat Justin Bieber Makes Groveling Apology Over Vile N-Word Joke: ‘I’m Very Sorry… I Take My Friendships With People Of All Cultures Very Seriously’

Et tu, Alfie? A 21-year-old blooper reel showing the puppet from the smash TV sitcom Alf mocking Tourette’s Syndrome by repeatedly using the N-word repeatedly has found new life online. The video includes excerpts from show rehearsals in which the alien character (a hand-puppet operated by series creator Paul Fusco) is seen parodying a then-recent […] Continue reading “Alf” Foul-Mouthed, N-Word Rant Surfaces On Interwebs

Dr. Laura Schlessinger has apologized for using the N-word eleven times in the span of five minutes during an on-air conversation this week with a caller she said was “hypersensitive” to racism.During the exchange on Tuesday’s show, Schlessinger said the woman who called herself Jade was too sensitive for complaining that her White’s husband’s friends […] Continue reading Dr. Laura N-Word Rant [AUDIO]

The NAACP has issued a statement condemning actor Mel Gibson after the well-documented anti-Semite was accused of spitting out a racial during a homicidal rant against his former girlfriend. Four years to the month since his last public scandal, the actor has reportedly been recorded dropping the N-Bomb in an expletive-laden, jaw-dropping tirade against Russian […] Continue reading Mel Gibson N-Word Tirade Prompts Response From NAACP

Hurling a racial slur at a Pennsylvania grandmother reportedly led to Bam Margera’s close encounter with a baseball bat over the weekend.Elizabeth Ray, 59, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment, after allegedly attacking the Jackass star with a bat outside the Note Nightclub in Margera’s hometown of West Chester, […] Continue reading N-Word Fueled Bam Margera Baseball Bat Attack