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US President Barack Obama finally had his Christmas tree delivered to his doorstep today, but he was reluctant to smile about it. The President was injured in a basketball match, which left him with 12 stitches in his lip. So when the large Douglas fir pulled up in a horse-drawn carriage on the north side […] Continue reading Why Obama couldn’t even smile when his Christmas tree was delivered!

Heads up, Science Lovers: President Obama’s coming to Mythbusters. Never one to shy away for a beer conference or a guest spot on late-night TV, Obama is now turning his efforts to a bid to promote science education. In this sneak peek clip, we get our first look at the Commander-in-Chief’s guest spot on the […] Continue reading President Obama On “Mythbusters” [Sneak Peek]

US President Barack Obama’s popularity appears to have fallen among American voters, with the latest poll claiming that if elections were held today, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney would establish a lead over him by a point. The poll however said that Obama would fare much better if Sarah Palin is placed opposite to him […] Continue reading Obama bit behind Romney, but way ahead of Palin in 2012 prez run: Poll

US President Barack Obama has announced that he would award the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian honour, to George W Bush next year. According to the New York Daily News, the decision has come a day after Bush gave a respectful nod to Obama at the groundbreaking of his library in Dallas. […] Continue reading Obama to award Bush ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’

Over three in ten Americans have praised US President Barack Obama for coming up with a clear job creation plan in the aftermath of the global fiscal crisis. Thirty-eight percent say he has a clear job creation plan, while 54 percent say he does not, a new CBS News poll reveals. The president’s job approval […] Continue reading Over three in ten Americans praise Obama for clear job creation plan